Wish You Had A Spare Hand?

Not everyone has to have their boat compulsively organized like me, but it definitely has its advantages. I really enjoy fishing with my kids and it seems that whether it is out with them, or even out with some friends, it always seems like the container of worms at some point in our outing is upside down on the carpeted floor of my boat. Not the end of the world for sure, but a quick tidy while out on the water and very likely me vacuuming the boat out when we get in.

River anglers may also be interested in this interesting little product as it has a hands free application as well, and when standing thigh-deep in some fast water, grabbing a fresh worm or minnow isn't always the easiest task.

While this product isn't going to revolutionize the fishing industry, I can see some very helpful applications and times when it could come in very handy while out on the water. Check out the Bait2Go bait handling system. A relatively inexpensive tool for managing small quantities of worms or minnows that might save you some grief on your next outing.

Spring is upon is and the ice fishing season pretty much finished, so send over any summer / boating fishing innovations to be featured on the site!

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