Want A Cold One?

For some of us anglers who enjoy a frosty beverage while resting our reeling arms from battling fish out on the hard water in the winter, sometimes the occasion calls for some refreshment. While we certainly don't condone the consumption of alcohol while ice fishing where it is illegal, this would certainly help to keep a child's juicebox, or someone's energy drink cold.

While not an innovation for all anglers, this certainly caught our eye with it being March, and with March/Spring-Break on the go, we are sometimes blessed with those perfect conditions where you have a ball hat and T-shirt on while ice-fishing marking the pending melt.

The folks who came up with this innovation are truly creative, and it might just have to make an appearance in our sleighs next winter as we can think of a number of practical uses for it on our trips during the winter.

Check out the "Dipstick" and its demo-video. It looks easy to deploy, and is not very costly at under $50. Visit these innovative folks at the product's website here --> https://www.dipindeep.com/

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