Gotta "Go" Out On The Water?

So I’m a girl and I like to fish.

Well actually I like spending time with my boys so I’ve learned to like fishing; for short periods of time, in calm water, when I catch the biggest fish.

The thing about being the only girl in the boat is that I also have the smallest bladder which then becomes a nervous bladder when you’re 20 minutes from the nearest washroom.

While peeing over the side of the boat seems to be quite entertaining for some, I’m just not into that. Solution? The Lugabble Loo. This lifesaver is available at your nearest Hardware / Outfitting store for about 20-40 bucks, and you can also find it at Cabela's online. It’s worth every penny. It’s essentially a bucket with a toilet seat on it. That’s right it has a toilet seat on it! It’s brilliant. Not only is it handy for small bladders, it’s also handy for when you have the kids on the boat and they really, really need to go.

It’s great for fishing adventures, road trips, and camping. For those of you who are squeamish about the cleanup, you can easily put a scented, biodegradable garbage bag in the bucket before you start your adventure. When home simply lift the lid off, tie the bag up and dispose of it properly. Rinse out the bucket and you’re good to go.

Really though, if you can bait your own hook you can handle a little clean up with the Lugabble Loo.

For those hard core do it yourself-ers, there is always the lower-tech, homemade version of this product that is still functional, and will do in a "pinch".

Low Tech Luggable Loo - Home Made - DIY

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