Portage In A Packsack?

With the recent launch of our new site we put out a call for anyone to nominate an innovation - commercial or a do it yourself-er - we want to hear about them all. Right off the bat we get a really interesting submission that really fits the bill of an Innovator. While this innovation is still in development and seeking some form of crowdfunding type support, it might just be something you see in your outdoor outfitting store in a coming spring season.

With Kayak fishing becoming more and more popular, with some Kayaks being outfitted with more gear and gadgets than some professional anglers' boats, this bare bones approach is something to take note of for those adventurers who travel light, and enjoy taking on those remote locations with fishing prospects normally reserved for fly-in resort type destinations.

To learn more about this portable kayak system that literally breaks down to fit into a backpack sized bag, click the image below to visit the developer's website. Their fundraising page which also has some great product development information as well as specifications can be found at this link.

Keep the innovations coming our way - we can't wait to hear about them!

Here is the Justin Case Kayak in action in this short promo YouTube Video:

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