Missing Fish On Your Still Line?

For those of you who like to venture out on to the ice in the winter and early spring and you will be setting up a still line or two, this might be the perfect innovation in those jurisdictions that permit "hook setters". This is an innovation that is what this site is all about. Some small town folks who worked for years on perfecting an innovation that you might see variations of on the market. In jurisdictions that do not allow automatic hook setters, this unit still serves as a great rod holder that does not tip over, packs up very small and compact even fitting in an ice-rod bag.

For a relatively inexpensive price, this adjustable tension hook-setting tool "The Trigger" is a great innovation in the realm of ice fishing, and just by watching the short promo below you can see its potential when put into action. For more detailed information on "The Trigger", visit Black Fox Fishing and see the various custom colours you can get these units in.

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