What is Fishing Innovators.com???

FishingInnovators.com was a concept that came from a couple of amateurs / "Weekend Warriors" who re-discovered their love of multiple forms of fishing through their kids.

Is there a better feeling than seeing a young boy or girl battling their first fish and then holding it up for everyone to see - the pride behind that smile is like nothing else for us "older" anglers.

Don't get me wrong - we like to have some fun too, and that is where the idea for this site came from.  I have had the fortune of having several very experienced anglers in my circle of friends who are passionate about the sport, but also seeing others succeed at it.

Some of their tips, tricks, ideas and innovations across multiple styles of fishing have improved my success rate exponentially, and had I not had some of these tactics in the "toolbox", there would have been some long outings without much action.  

So it occurred to me that there has to be other anglers of all walks of life who could benefit from some of these innovations, but perhaps have some of their own that they want to share as well!

I am hoping to build out this site with any useful tips, tricks, tactics and innovations to the sport of fishing that I come across, but also that others would like to see featured through multiple forms of media (text, photos, videos, etc.) - send us a link and we will be sure to share your info, and maybe give it a try too!

Innovations can be as simple as an easy knot to tie quickly in rough water, types of line to use based on water clarity, and even the types of rod to use depending on the conditions being fished can be helpful information to those of us who are by no means "Pro-Anglers".......except in our own minds!

FishingInnovators.com will feature content from multiple contributors and we hope you will join us by sending us an innovation you have come across on your angling adventures - we would look forward to hearing from you!